• Aug 04 Fri 2006 17:16
It's a hang-up happened on Wed. evening

since I left my office and walked alone to SOGO dep. store
   till I had a good time with my best friends
                       till I went back home

           till the next day morning

  till we wrote emails to each other 

                       till I was picked up

       till the back-home dinner

   till he left without a kissbye

              till the unstable sleep

 till the accidentally missed morning call

    till my phone wasn't accessible at noon

till now

I draw back my passion
and found that I have nothing.

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  • cutebabie
  • baby~<br />
    sometimes I really don't understand things between you,<br />
    I'm not that sure if I should, or could ask...<br />
    So, just want to let you know that...<br />
    No matter what happenned, whenever you need me,<br />
    I'll always be there for you~<br />
    Love you~
  • missachs
  • Thank you all.<br />
    I'am fine.............maybe...haha~<br />
    I just wanna remember the feeling by words.^^